Why photography is my lifework


From a very early age, I can remember my mother dragging my siblings and me to portrait studios to commemorate holidays or other special events. I hated it. At one point, even, protesting my contempt by cutting my bangs the night before a schedule photo session. While not enthusiastic participants in those contrived photo sessions, my brothers, sister and I were normally our natural selves in front of the ever-present camera. It is our honest expressions from those images that I look back on - from both the near and distant past - and, while reminiscing, experience those authentic moments; those cherished memories all over again. Memories like...

the anticipation in my brothers’ faces mere seconds before blowing out their second birthday candles;

the sheepish grin and “deer in headlights” looks on my sister and my faces when mom caught us eating from the bowl of brownie batter;

and the bond between two sisters, my precious daughters, as they work on their first collaborative art project.

My artistic objective is to satiate your desire for professional, skillfully-crafted photographs, and, do so in a way that is authentic to you in this space and time. Twenty years from now, you will be sitting with your family laughing and smiling as you reflect on this magical time in your lives. My mission is to capture the present for your future selves. And I am honored to do so.