HELP ME understand your vision for the big day.

Contact & Event Details
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This will be my primary contact the day of the event.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Icarian Photography will not share, sell, or otherwise use your personal information in any way that is unrelated to photography services.
Please also include if this will be indoor, outdoor, or both; a link to the venue website is appreciated if available. If the event involves more than one location, please include name and address for all locations.
Date of Event
Date of Event
If known
Preferred session start time:
Preferred session start time:
Preferred session end time:
Preferred session end time:
For collection naming purposes
If a large-scale event, please indicate primary participants only.
Interactions & Activities
If so, please outline the list of shots below. The shot list is kindly requested at least one week prior to the event.
We will be dividing activities into roughly 20-30 minute blocks. These activities can be almost anything, but ideally, they should speak to the subjects' interests and relationships at this space and time.
These include any brief, fleeting moments that are one of a kind. For example, the first kiss at a wedding.
A typical example would be estranged family members or similarly sensitive relationships.
Details & Attire
Ideal for intimate events.
Please look at this as HOMEWORK prior to our session. Think over these details and let me know the day of our session. Details are non-portrait images of really anything that evokes an emotion, memory, or sense of this time in your family's life. Human details may include hands, a birthmark, etc. Object details may include a special necklace, handmade blanket for baby, a special family heirloom, etc.
*This is only pertaining to intimate gatherings. A custom color palette is extraneous for large-scale events. If it is difficult to accurately describe, please send an image with the subject line "Name" Color Palette. (ex: Schmidt Color Palette)
Good for me to know:
Ideally, you'd turn off all artificial light and open up curtains/blinds beforehand :)
For example, are there particular times during the event that you do not want photographs taken? Please describe as thoroughly as possible below.
How do you plan on utilizing your beautiful images?
This is a good place to express anything you happen to be self-conscious of or editing style (if you prefer B&W vs. color edits for instance)
All this information will be the foundation of a beautifully documented event. If I have further questions, I will reach out shortly.