contact + shipping information
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Shipping Address
Shipping Address
$10 flat rate shipping fee applied to all orders.
custom greeting cards
i.e. birth announcement, thank you card, etc.
Card stock examples given at session or upon request.
Please be as descriptive as possible
$17.50 for first pack of 50. $10 for each additional pack of 50. Design will correspond to announcement.
Wall display + print products
Desired Wall Display Products
Due to The Expansive Variables On Wall Display Products, You Will Be Contacted As To Your Precise Ordering Needs
Photographic Prints
All prints are archival-quality and come in your choice of glossy or matte finish (samples provided at session or upon request).
Desired Print Sizes
print size then quantity in parenthesis
Please give desired image size with image name.
signature albums
Desired Album Size:
During the custom design process we will determine image and page quantity necessary to fulfill your vision for a one-of-a-kind signature album. 20-page minimum. $7.50 per additional page.
digital products
$25 each. Please list digital file names in chronological order
Photo sessions
Ideal Session Date:
Ideal Session Date:
Please note: you will be contacted within 48 hours to begin a discussion about our session. If you need to expedite this, please contact Melissa at or (510) 725-2398.