Frequently Asked Questions


What's with the name?

Good question! Here is a long-winded blog post on the subject :)

"What should we expect at our photo session?"

I want you to feel comfortable and trust that you are in good hands. I want to get to know you and help facilitate an environment that is a true portrayal of you.  I'm not afraid to goof off to the fullest extent if it means eliciting raw emotions from your little ones, as well as yourselves. I am a trained teacher, so, rest assured, I am certainly not shy about giving direction.

It's always a good idea to have an activity in mind to help encourage an authentic, lively experience. We can explore ideas together during our consultation. Above all, just plan to be relaxed and have a great time!

“What is Documentary Lifestyle Photography?”

Simply put, Documentary images are captured with absolutely no interference on the part of the photographer - the photographer is a fly on the wall. Whereas Lifestyle images are captured with guidance from the photographer - the photographer may rearrange you, pose you for optimal light and composition, or perhaps pick up the room to clean up the frame. My work is 50% Lifestyle and 50% Documentary. The structure and flow of our session is well-planned during our consultation. I will carefully examine the space and decide the optimal composition that will satiate both your and my creative vision. Then during our session, I will give guidance that lends itself to capturing an organically created image - and be a fly on the wall when no guidance is needed.

“What are Experiential Photography techniques?”

In the pre-session process, I get to know you and just what makes your beautiful family so unique; I discover a bit about your passions, your idiosyncrasies, the activities that fill the minutes of your everyday lives, those songs and books that make your child giggle in delight. Then, during our session, I interweave - in my own way - those elements of what make you exceptionally you.

A Documentary Lifestyle approach combined with the use of Experiential techniques allows me a means of portraying your family in a truly authentic, honest way while celebrating the beauty of your everyday existence.

“What exactly is a Fresh 48 Newborn + Family session?”

A Fresh 48 session is a somewhat non-traditional form of a newborn session in which you have your new family documented within the first 48 hours of your child(ren)'s birth. Usually this session takes place in-hospital (as typically you are still in the hospital during that time frame), but can be done at home, in a birth center, or really anywhere your family is within the first 48 hours of your child(ren)'s birth.

"How do we decide on a location for the session?"

For Family sessions, in-home is best - it is where you (and children especially) are most comfortable, most natural. If not in-home, your session should take place in a location that is particularly meaningful for you and your family.  Fresh 48 sessions take place in-hospital or in-home within 48 hours of child(ren)’s birth.

No travel charge within a 30 mile radius of 94705 zip code.


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