Serendipity + Smiles | An Oakland Family Photography Session

Meet proud mothers Janine (left) and Tatjana (right), with their cutie pies Claire and Stevie:

I met this lovely family the DAY of their session, due to some (quite unprofessional) circumstances with a photographer they had booked for a family session. Her loss = my incredible luck!

This family simply radiates affection, fun and a true sense of gratitude for one another.

Ms. Claire, this feisty little lady (who might make the BEST faces of any client I have ever worked with) was premature at birth - here almost three months old. It is clear to anyone who meets Claire that her strength (real deal, she has some serious muscle mass), sense of humor, and perceptiveness of the world around her are all due to the love and support that her mothers and brother give freely to her. She is a true inspiration, as is the relationship Janine and Tatjana have.

Now Stevie - I mean, how adorably precocious can one little dude be?!

Gaaaaah, so cute!

Stevie, just like his little sis, had no deficit of personality. He was so full of energy and curiosity, yet incredibly gentle when it came to his little sister. What a pure and loving relationship this was to document. 

Janine and Tatjana, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience you were put through in dealing with that other photographer. But, I am most certainly NOT SORRY that it meant I had the pleasure of meeting your amazing family! Thank you for the opportunity.