Welcome To This Vibrant World - Part One | An Oakland Newborn + Family Lifestyle Photography Session

Meet (from left to right) Padraic, Milo, Joanna, Liam, Ruth, and Jeff:

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this family is JOY! The second would be BOUNDLESS ENERGY. Well, from one member of the family in particular ;)

Joanna reached out to me in hopes that I could do an in-home family lifestyle session while her parents were in town meeting their (here 12-days-old) new grandson. I was more than happy to oblige, and, am so pleased that I had the opportunity to meet this fellow East Bay family!

The abundance of love that each member of this family exhibited toward one another was inspirational. They were unaffected by the presence of my camera and, because of that, the spirit of their individual personalities really shined in each image.

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of returning to this family’s home for yet another lifestyle session; with Padraic’s father visiting this time. Stay tuned for Part Two.

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful family to document!