32/52: Food

I don't think my husband realizes how much I adore his humor (most days).

Joe's taken it upon himself to plant, water, prune, and generally care for this tomato plant (Lord knows I would kill it in a heartbeat - as proven by how well I "cared for" our now long-forgotten herbs and flowers). So, much to his delight, after weeks of tending to it, a few tomatoes began to fruit. 

Most of the budding tomatoes, similar to this one here, are approximately one inch in diameter. The other night, while I was chatting with my buddy, making some tacos for ourselves and their family, Joe came into the kitchen and handed me ONE singular eensy weensy tomato and said, "hey babe, add this to the taco meat!" Errrrrr, okay?

Later, while we were eating he looked up at me and said, "Wow, this is probably the best taco you've ever made. Did you do something different?!"

What a dork;)