37/52: Bokeh


"In photography, bokeh (Originally /ˈboʊkɛ/, /ˈboʊkeɪ/ BOH-kay — also sometimes pronounced as /ˈboʊkə/ BOH-kə, Japanese: [boke]) is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light"


Single hibiscus. Lovely bokeh.

26/52: Photog's Choice

This is your buddy, Harlan, boo boos. What a cutie, huh?!

Harlan is the very first friend you girls ever made (that is, other than mommy, daddy, and one another), when at just a couple weeks old - and you girls about one month old - his mommy and daddy brought him over for your first official play date. While the adults had fun, it wasn't all that exciting for you at the time. Boy have times changed!

Mommy went to grad school with Harlan's dad, Allen during the 2012-13 school year. It was during that one-year program our families discovered that both Harlan's mommy, Ginger, and I were expecting new additions -  within mere weeks of one another!

In the blink of an eye nearly two years have passed. Seeing your relationship develop from your infancy to your toddler-hood, has been simply fascinating. We had Harlan, Allen, and Ginger over for a farewell barbeque, as they are moving to Santa Cruz to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Looks like your guys' next play date will have to be on the beach!

25/52: Dancing

Ohhhh my Ruby girl,

We went out to see your cousins, Auntie Laura, and Uncle Marshall in Fresno back in May. Hazey was playing "Frozen" songs and even put the movie on one night. You have been OBSESSED (no exaggeration) ever since. Your favorite song, by far, is "Love is An Open Door," or, as you like to refer to it, "Door." You've begun to get the song stuck in your head and sometimes I'll peek over at you, reading or doing a puzzle, and you'll just start singing to yourself, "doooooo-or-or." I'll sing it to you while you're having breakfast and you fill in the blanks to all the words. Just too cute. 

Whenever I put the song actually ON you just lose it - twirling, clapping, stomping your feet; adding any number of self-choreographed moved each new time. Here you are, yesterday, in the backyard. Jammin' out as only my sweet, spunky Ruby tudes can. (Don't worry, lovebug, your arm wasn't disappearing - I just wanted you to see how smooth your moves were by slowing down the shutter speed).

I love you baby,


24/52: Sunset


Took my first look at this week's theme this afternoon, as I've had a busy week. Looked on my sun calc app and saw that sunset was at approximately 8:34 pm today. The girls go down right between 8-8:30 pm. So, I decided to take a stroll about an hour before sunset - 'cause there ain't no way momma is messing with bedtime!

I was focusing on this beautiful church's bell-tower just across the street from our place. When I kept walking down the street this solitary palm tree showed itself. It made me think of how giddy my siblings and I would get at the first sight of a palm tree while road tripping from our home in Washington down to California. Still have to pinch myself sometimes that this is right outside my door.

23/52: Rule Of Thirds

Vee Vee,

Whenever anyone asks me something like, "What makes your girls' distinct? How are their personalities different from one another?" I always, first of all, think to myself "What kind of question is that?! I mean seriously, how the heck am I supposed to answer that while standing in line at the grocery store (or wherever we may be)?!" Then I take a deep breath, in an effort to gather my abbreviated version of just what makes you and your sis unique little humans. Then I usually look at you and say, "Well, Vera here *while stroking your hair* she is our bashful one; she has to get to know you before she opens up. But, once she does, she's the biggest goof ever!"

Now, that may be true when it comes to you and about 95% of the people you meet. But, NOT with your Uncle Nick. I swear, Vee, you not only have been smitten with your Uncle from the first moment you met, but, he brings out a side to you that your daddy and I have never seen before. One time you sung and spun around in circles (aka dancing) for an entire song (and, believe me I KNOW you would have stopped would it have not been for your Uncle Nicky watching). Very impressive. 

Yesterday your Uncle came over to watch the (amazing!!!) Warrior's game. We played in the backyard for a little while before the game started and as usual, Vee, you were showing off your skills -- this time of sitting at your picnic table like a *big kid* --  for precious Uncle Nick.

I love you you cutie pie,


22/52: Shadows

Today the Warriors played a huge game.

My photo for this week originally was going to be one of the girls eating lunch at their picnic table in the backyard (as I hid *in the shadows*). Somehow, with the hoopla of the game and my absentmindedness, I misplaced this week’s original selection (I reeeeeally hope it reappears because the girls’ interactions when they are seemingly alone is too adorable to not share). So, here is a photo I decided to take today; not necessarily in lieu of the original, but, with the same intent; to be the subject within the shadows.

This is the view from our bathroom window.

21/52: Clouds or Sky

Little tongue in cheek this week.

This is Skyler, otherwise known as "Sky." Sky has been a friend of my girls since they were all under four months old; *meeting* each other when I attended a local “new mom" group in January of 2014. Now, my girls almost 21 months and Sky just over 18 months, I have the privilege of witnessing not only the blossoming of their friendship but also that of each individual child's personality.

This past week we met up for a play date with a few of these moms group buddies (for what felt like the first time in waaaay too long) at a local park. It was almost surreal to see how so many of the teensy weensy babies I met nearly a year and a half ago are full on toddlers!

20/52: Framed

Hazel, my 6-year-old niece, photographed here, had a carnival at her elementary school last Saturday. She found a trick to jumping extra high in the bouncy house.

Disclaimer: This was taken with the last eight days, not seven. But, I’d say it’s okay to break the rules sometimes.

18/52: Silhouette

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a family photo session with a lovely family here in the East Bay. You’ll be seeing much more of them in the weeks ahead. When I arrived at their home, this man opened the door, greeted me with a welcome smile, and alerted to his wife -- nursing their precious 12-day-old son, photographed here as well -- “honey, the photographer’s here!”

What a beautiful life.