36/52: Soft


Ruby girl,

When you and your sister were born one of, if not THE, distinguishing feature between you two was your hair (or lack thereof). Vera had a full head of thick, dark hair and you, baby girl, I'm afraid had none.

Now, just over two years later those playful, bouncy, soft curls are coming on strong. And with them, the funniest thing is happening; whenever someone comes over they'll say something like, "oh my goodness, look at ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL HAIR!" and disregard Vee's luscious locks. It's gotten to the point where I'm compelled to go up to your sister and explain, "Vee Vee girl, everyone is talking about Ru's hair and not yours because you've always had it, so everyone talked about your beautiful hair a long time ago, and now it's sissy's turn."