5/52: Negative Space

An Entry from Ruby & Vera’s Journal:

February 21, 2014 - Thursday 6:09PM (5.5 Months Old)

“Hi babies,

I can’t believe I’m crazy enough to write in your journal at this hour (since daddy’s not home). I just wanted to make a quick note about just how much your personalities are developing. I really notice them in moments of utter exhaustion or hunger (as with adults too!). Ruby, you are fiercely independent and could just sit in you Bumbo and be content all day sucking on the straps or chewing on a book…

Love you girls SO MUCH! -Mom”

I find it amazing how strong characteristics of our personalities shine through from, really, the moment we’re born. My Ruby girl, photographed here exploring our local park, has always exuded an air of independence and curiosity. While I strive to nourish these traits in her, as well as her sister, I don’t think she’ll ever realize how much of an inspiration she has been in my own journey. Isn’t is incredible the influence one can make when existing in a pure, unADULTerated manner?