Project 52 Explained

I decided that this year, to challenge myself as well as keep myself taking photos regularly between (potential) clients, I would participate in a "Project 52." So, for any that don't know what that is, I thought I'd do a brief explanation.

A "Project 52" is essentially a weekly photo assignment in which you are to post a photo each week of the year (hence "52") in accordance to a specific weekly theme. Many times, and as is the case for me, you are held accountable by the support of other participants. So in that sense, over the 52 weeks, friendships are forms, critiques are given, your craft is (theoretically) fine-tuned and, above all, you have 52 images, that you wouldn't normally have prompted yourself to take (as they are "just a regular day"), to cherish and reflect upon at the end of the year.

Every Sunday I will post my "Project 52" Theme, Image, and Brief explanation as to why I feel they all coalesce. So, let's get this P52 party started!